• September 26th, 2020

Opinion - What about me, physically?

 Claudia Diana Indileni Nandumbu 

Teen sexuality is, in so many ways, a matter of profound responsibility, especially when it comes to our young girls. The challenges are even greater in today’s modern world. 
One will, however, need all the help they can get to pursue truths about themselves as they become young women. 
So what about me, physically? A peculiar question, maybe? However, as a teenager, you need to have some answers about your sexuality and how it works physically. Don’t get me wrong; this article won’t be about sex but a wise man once said: “Tell it straight and keep it short”. So we’ll speak sincerely about the physical body, granted to us by God.

When it comes to becoming a woman, different changes evolve, especially if you have passed through puberty – and to help comprehend what is going on, one has to accept and observe how their bodies are a magnificent creation. If you don’t think so, take a moment and have a closer look at yourself in the mirror. 
As a girl goes through puberty, her breasts develop, pubic hair grows, hips widen and periods begin. Many people believe it’s disgusting and bad, but it’s not! As a matter of fact, women should consider this a blessing – and as the most beautiful thing that could happen to them because while men may not survive any form of bleeding for more than a day, women actually bleed in for renewal, releasing tissue it no longer needs. How cool is that? 
When it comes to the sexual act, one cannot pause and wonder how it all works in practice. 
Most people have already experienced the initiation of this, as it starts with touching, where holding hands with a boy is the first step of physical closeness, creating excitement as the body reacts – and it may respond. 

The above-mentioned similarly applies to kissing; however, there is a catch, as one thing always leads to another. 
So, always decide what is best for you before things get out of hand because when it comes to the body – if not controlled, it fails in that department. 
Such cases may lead to sexual intercourse, which is not wrong – but the aftermath usually comes with introspection that may lead to self-doubt and depression – if the decision to be involved in the act or with the person is not carefully thought. The guilt is also likely to be worsened by the thought of the consequences: unplanned pregnancy, STDs or STIs, as well as – on the spiritual side of things – sexual energies, but that is a topic for another day.
The point is that young girls should not be carried away by media that tempts them to engage in sex. It will damage them and their relationships with God or their higher selves. 

All in all, be glad and appreciate that you are made special – fearfully and wonderfully made. Learn and pursue your truths in keeping your life in place, for there is more to life than merely having boyfriend or girlfriend. 
You have a whole world to explore, a life to live, and a career to plan and enjoy. Being happily single is far better than being engaged in a bitter relationship. So, don’t get yourself into a position where the beauty of pleasure is destroyed by the pain of regret. 
- claudiad.nandumbu@gmail.com

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