• January 17th, 2020

Opinion: Working To Reach Your Dreams

Work hard they say, times are changing they say, the future is in your hands they say, a lot can be said when it comes to work, putting in the hours, the results and even the work not done! The youth have it bad, because they are told to work hard as the leaders of tomorrow, yet they cry for work to get by today.
Working is fun, but getting the work done is much better. Somewhere in between doing and getting it done, lies everything that can never be taught to you by anyone else. Not your parents and definitely not from a classroom.

Also somewhere in between is where most dreams are abandoned. There is no set time in between, some get it done fairly quickly others take much longer, longer than they thought possible and sadly longer than others are willing to stick around.

The in-between road is filled with graves of dead dreams, broken promises, heartache and everything you thought could never happen to you. It’s not as pretty as portrayed. This is where most of the real work is put in, not the work of creating a product or polishing up service, but work on yourself. Work that you can only learn through experience.

I have come to accept that all of that is necessary, it’s necessary for you and your dreams. The in-between road is where the rough diamonds are cut and polished, it’s where weaklings become conquerors and more importantly, it’s where real life teaches those who dare take this road. It’s the most difficult work one can do.
It’s a process and it wasn’t meant to be easy or even to be attempted by everyone. The in-between road is a filter on its own, it’s very strict and particular and only it can judge and grade the people that walk it. It answers to no one, but challenges everyone, be it the youth or others.
The in-between road is the gatekeeper to a life well-lived.

Make it through this road and life will be too kind to you, it will submit to your every wimp, wish and word. The common theme is that work has to be regardless, whether it’s in between or in the field, the youth might not be working as intended but the work still has to be done. 
The outcome will make it all worthwhile in the end.

Staff Reporter
2019-09-25 07:33:03 | 3 months ago

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