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OPM shelters displaced flood victims

2021-03-04  John Muyamba

OPM shelters displaced flood victims
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SIKONDO – The Office of the Prime Minister has organised shelter for hundreds of people left homeless due to rising water levels in the Kapako constituency of Kavango West.  

About 700 homesteads at five villages, namely Mafugu, Sikondo, Ruurumwe, Nakazaza and Siyandeya are affected. This flood victims live near the Kavango River. They were yesterday provided with tents, mattresses and food. 

“We are here to signal the start of the temporary relocation programme for the communities that have been affected by the floods and after the matter has been reported to central government,” said OPM executive director I-Ben Nashandi. “We live in a community where we need to extend a helping hand to each other and therefore when your neighbour is under flood and you are not there is a moral obligation for us to extend a helping hand. Today we are here to provide government’s response to the flood situation.” Kapako councillor Johannes Karondo said residents were affected by the flood situation in many ways. “We are anticipating poor harvest within the surrounding of the affected areas,” he said. 

2021-03-04  John Muyamba

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