• July 9th, 2020

Oppi-Koppi, the precious hidden rock of Kamanjab

 Aletta Shikololo

KAMANJAB – Arriving in the sleepy village of Kamanjab, about 550 kilometres from Windhoek, one is tempted to believe this is a ghost town. Alas, somewhere in the middle of this dead town lies Oppi-Koppi, the hidden treasure of Namibia.
A mere glimpse of the guest lodge and restaurant symbolises ancient German architecture but not so for the food and festivities that this place offers.

It is one of those places where you find party freaks, the affluent and even tourists thronging the mighty Kunene region, but never seem to have enough of the place.

“In our country tourists are not taken seriously, but in Namibia we feel more important because people have respect for us,” says one of the revellers, Dan Cruz, while socialising with friends at Oppi-Koppi.

Oppi-Koppi is the place with a rich taste of African nature and credited as the “birthplace of farm-to-table” dining. 
One would not know what Oppi-Koppi is until you drive into the heart of a small town of Kamanjab.
You get to experience the safari feeling as you walk into the architecture and interior design of Oppi-Koppi, which means ‘on the hill’ in Afrikaans.

Situated in the north-west of Namibia, 70km from Etosha, one cannot be wrong to call it the diamond of Kamanjab, as it is a tourist and local best spot.

The place is amazing for campers and leisure lovers. It is characterised by polished brown walls and posted on them are carcasses of wild animals and creative notes inspired by an African rich diversity.
Owned by Belgium and Holland nationals, Oppi-Koppi’s nature is inspired by a rich African creation, which makes the place unique, interesting and local.

This place is the perfect spot to take-out pizza lovers. Who would not want a taste of the juicy mega pizza?
Dining out presents a great opportunity to unwind, relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a great atmosphere surrounded by bushes with great melodies from birds.

What makes Oppi-Koppi more interesting is not just the outstanding workers’ service but also their friendliness to porcupines.

Workers at Oppi-Koppi feed wild porcupines that come to the lodge, which gives the place a great view for guests.
It has a big swimming pool surrounded by creative wooden furniture under thatched roofs. 
When people walk into the restaurant through the creative door, they are expecting to enjoy the bliss of cool blue water and a cold wine that comes with a hot tasty barbeque.

It is a quiet place to enjoy and recharge before continuing the journey to Windhoek, Damaraland and Kaokoland.
A long dining table, which is perfect for shared meals and safari stories, can be found outside, where you can feel the energy flowing in from the surrounding bush and the beautiful smiles of waitresses.

The manager of the place, Catharien Malaisse says the lodge has created job opportunities and in average employs 38 workers, most of them are from the area.
Job opportunities in Namibia are a big concern and Oppi-Koppi has contributed to the employment situation and made it easier for young people in Kamanjab.

The extra-ordinary lodge meets the interests of both city lovers and village lovers, as it has modern creations with a cultural taste.

Set outside of the main building are larger than double rooms with similar facilities, which include bathroom with shower or shower only, the choice depends on the guests. 

They have 12 luxury rooms with air conditioning and five campsites.
The bar is one of the most prominent features of the lodge that makes it interesting because of the unique German drinks sold and at reasonable prices.

With it's extra-ordinary nature, Oppi-Koppi also has its imperfections.
It is unfair that when someone goes to Oppi-Koppi to have a bit of refreshment they are told that the swimming pool is only for those that have booked a room in the lodge.

In my own opinion, the lodge has failed its customers because sometimes their intentions of visiting the lodge are to swim and just have fun without spending a night at the lodge.

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