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Letters - Opportunities amid Covid pandemic

2021-08-27  Staff Reporter

Letters - Opportunities amid Covid pandemic

Dreams are real and yours is not different – and they can be achieved even by you. History is not changed by wishes, discussions or self-pity but by people who dare to believe. 

Your dream can and will change history too if you can pursue it. If you do not choose to live by a dream, you will simply glide through life wondering and wandering. There is no middle ground. 

You will either live by the thrill of a dream or the promise of job security, the prospects of a promotion or the assurance of personal conquest. 

In 2014, I relocated to Windhoek in search of greener pastures. Life was tough in the beginning, so I started trying out different business ideas to make ends meet. Amidst all the challenges, I resiliently managed to stay afloat because I am determined to make it against all odds. 

I first gave hairdressing a shot and I ended up doing it so well that my client base grew exponentially. Determined to climb the success ladder to its highest level, I registered a close corporation so I could trade formally. 

I then branched into catering and events management. I have an indisposition for quality service delivery, so my work spoke for itself that different companies and individuals started hiring me to plan and cater for their events. 

My resilience was instrumental in keeping my head above the water and I reflect on this on a daily basis. This led to the birth of a unique brand ‘Your Dreams Are Valid’, which represents and reflects on the reality of everyday life on the ground. 

The brand aims to inspire and encourage young people out there that their dreams are still valid, despite the circumstances. Determination and consistency are key ingredients for success; you can use anything at your disposal to unleash your true potentials and make it against all odds. 

Keep dreaming and keep dreams alive. life may boomerang, curve balls and setback but keep doing what you do anyway. Follow it, no matter who thinks you are crazy. Follow the dreams of your heart – even when your head tells you to pause and rationalise.

 Everything you see today – be it a service, a product, food, a car, a house or an institution – was once an invisible dream in the heart of somebody. 

What do you see in your heart? That picture is the synopsis of a reality you can experience if you dare. 

Blessed are those who dream and are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come true. So, go ahead and dream in detail and do not dream small, polite and ego massaging dreams: dream big! 

See yourself doing things that will demand divine intervention. Dream what defies your age, academic credentials and supersede stereotypical profiling.

2021-08-27  Staff Reporter

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