• June 17th, 2019
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Opuwo delivers on developmental projects

Front Page News
Front Page News

Malakia Nashongo Opuwo-Opuwo Urban Constituency of the Kunene Region has thus far met all its commitments in terms of support for developmental projects to its constituent beneficiaries despite the government’s crosscutting budgetary cuts. This was recently revealed by Opuwo Urban Constituency Councillor Weich Mupya, during a community meeting in the town of Opuwo where he gave an update on the progress made when it comes to support for developmental projects in his constituency. He said a considerable number of community members have benefited from different projects and grants from the councilor’s office both previous and current financial years. In the last financial year, two farmers have benefited from the farming supportive initiative programme through which each farmer received eleven goats at the tune of N$ 28,000. The same amount is budgeted for this financial year under the same programme, where at least two farmers are again set to benefit. Apart from assisting the farmers, the Constituency Office also donated N$58,000 to the community of Omakange Two, which was used to buy a diesel water pump that was installed at their borehole so that they can get enough water for their livestock. “Water is life thus our commitment to ensuring that our people gain access to clean and safe water for both human and livestock,” said Mupya. This financial year, the Opuwo Urban Constituency has received an amount of N$695,000 from the Kunene Regional Council’s Development Fund of which a quarter of the amount was spent on drilling additional three boreholes in Okapundja village, which were completed in August this year. Mupya announced that more boreholes are expected to be drilled in his constituency to contain the devastation of the draught which has hit the region this year, with villages such as Orokapare, Okahungu and Okatjetje set to benefit as they are among the most hit areas in terms draught. Apart from drilling of boreholes, there are other projects currently running in the constituency like the cash-for-work whereby people get compensated in form of cash for work carried out such as de-bushing. * Malakia Nashongo is an information officer working for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Kunene Region.
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2017-09-13 09:19:07 1 years ago

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