• December 2nd, 2020

Opuwo innovative young stars invent electrical toy cars

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – If you are looking for innovation and self-driven initiatives in times of soaring unemployment conditions, then Opuwo is the place you need to go. Kupi Kozohura and Nguhamuine Muharukua are two young men who are at the forefront of the innovative business of assembling electrical toy cars.

What’s so inspiring about the two gentlemen,is their exceptional hardworking characters and their willingness to learn even though they were unfortunate not to get a proper education.

Youth Corner met the brilliant young stars at the ICT Youth Summit last week when they were showcasing their handmade car toys and explaining to onlookers how they made them. 

A group named KGC (Katjitae. Gideon. Company), which was founded by Kozohura and Muharukua and was joined by six learners from Epukiro Junior Secondary School who aspire to be electrical engineers and mechanics in the future, created electrical toy cars from old metals and connected electricity wires. 

When asked how they came up with innovative ideas despite some of them being dropouts, some still in school while others only reached Grade 12, Kozohura who left school in the 9th grade said: “ It’s a God-given talent, even though I was not lucky to reach Grade 12, I have learned more about physics from my partner Muharukua who was at least good at it in school and the five learners who also joined the group came up with brilliant and fresh ideas on how we can improve our initiative.”

Kozohura said he and Muharukua meet up almost every day to brainstorm ideas and on weekends or holidays they meet up with the other five learners and get the work done.

“Most of the knowledge I have about auto-mechanics and physics is self-taught and my dream is to one day go to any vocational school and get further studies and eventually start my own electrical toy car company,” said Kozohura confidently.

Muharukua, who didn’t do well in Grade 12, told Youth Corner his dream is to one day become a qualified electrical engineer.
“We just hope one day people will see our work and help us achieve our goals,” Muharukua requested the nation to help young talents.

The duo encouraged unemployed youth, dropouts and dream makers not to ever sleep on their talents.
“We didn’t go to university like most of our peers but that didn’t discourage us from pursuing our dreams. Some people are even privileged to get proper education but they are still sleeping,” Muharukua said.

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