• July 21st, 2019
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Opuwo needs N$400,000 for development projects

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Being one of the poorest constituencies in the country, Opuwo Rural needs at least N$400,000 to implement its development projects outlined for next year. The constituency councillor Kazeongere Tjeundo says the constituency office has operated with N$232,000 to implement its development projects, which included a goat project. “We gave away 55 goats this year to poor people in the constituency,” explained Tjeundo. Recipients each received five goats. The aim is to alleviate poverty and considering that the majority of the people in Opuwo Rural depend on livestock, Tjeundo said the gesture was appropriate, as many did not have livestock after the ravaging drought in Kunene Region. “We want our people to benefit from the development,” said Tjeundo who stressed that the country’s resources should be used optimally by all people. The constituency depends on the government for the funding of its projects, he explained. “For next year, we will look at projects we did not address this year in order to assist our people,” said Tjeundo. Furthermore, he touched on the problems in the constituency, which include poor radio coverage, lack of mobile network, very poor road terrain as well as an absent of a market for livestock farmers. “I can say that 99 percent of our people live from livestock,” said Tjeundo.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-16 09:36:24 1 years ago

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