• February 18th, 2020

Opuwo tackles staff shortage

Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab Since Opuwo was proclaimed a town it has endured severe staff shortages, but the chairperson of Opuwo Town Council, Richard Urikee Tjazapi,recently announced that a number of posts that have been vacant for years have now been filled with permanent staff in the town council, while other existing vacancies have already been advertised. New Era was told yesterday that the position of local economic development officer and property officer were advertised and successfully filled last month. However, the position of chief executive officer had to be re-advertised and applications for the post will close on September 15. The new procurement committee has also been set up and training for the members will be conducted in two months’ time. Opuwo is the regional centre of Kunene, but the local authority has been understaffed since its establishment and town planning is still outsourced to a private firm. Tjazapi said outsourcing is an expensive process and opined that it was better to fill the vacant posts with permanent staff. Opuwo Town Council has about 30 permanent staff. Posts for the technical and finance division were also advertised and would be filled in the near future, it was noted. Tjazapi also announced plans to pave with interlocking bricks or tar the road leading to the hospital. “Our plans are clear and we will either tar or put in interlocks in the gravel road of Opuwo Hospital,” he said. There are also plans afoot to erect road signs throughout the town. “With little money available to us we will set up road signs,” he assured residents.
New Era Reporter
2017-08-29 09:47:43 | 2 years ago

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