• August 11th, 2020

Opuwo Teachers’ Resource Centre gets new computers


Malakia Nashongo OPUWO - The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information and Communication Technology and Innovation has donated five computers to Opuwo Teachers’ Resource Centre in Kunene Region. The committee established under the Standing Rule and Order Committee, Section 38 No: 2 has the overall mandate to deal with matters pertaining to Information and Communication Technology and Innovation, and its application in various field in that the Committee review any matter relevant to different offices, ministries and agencies falling within the category affairs assigned to it. Speaking during the handover, the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation, Faustina Namutenya Caley noted that ICT plays a major role in the development of both learners and teachers for quality education. She urged learners and teachers to make good use of the computers and to desist from using them to spread gossip through social media platforms that are being used negatively by some users. “Our main concern is connectivity and we can’t work from one computer, at least these five computers will make a difference. There is a say that those strong countries are strong in education and if the youth are educated, then the country is educated,” gushed Caley. Education is the first priority, teachers and learners have to catch up with the development, and ICT is not an exception. The five computers, donated to Opuwo Teachers’ Resource Centre have been donated with a wish they will help to a certain degree and contribute to the development of the centre and its users. “Education is our only hope for development as a country and ICT can easily lift the challenge in terms of service delivery with regard to school activities and can speed up the realisation of much needed positive results in ther education sector,” said Caley. On his part, the Inspector of Education for Epupa Circuit, Musilika Leevi thanked the committee for providing the Teachers’ Resource Centre with the computers as they will aid teaching as teachers can conduct in-depth research on their subjects and offer quality education to learners. He also encouraged the learners to make use of the computers to advance their knowledge in their subjects. The computers at the Teachers’ Resource Centre have been placed there with a purpose of serving to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the teachers in terms of teaching and learning. “When we were teachers, the only source you have to get information to present to the learners was only a text book. But nowadays with technology and computers, work is much easier for teachers. You just have to Google, it facilitates teaching and learning in the class,” stressed Leevi. Malakia Nashongo is an Information Officer at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology based in Opuwo.
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2018-07-30 09:39:06 | 2 years ago

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