• June 17th, 2019
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Orphanage owner cries foul over water bill


Selma Ikela Windhoek-A Katutura orphanage owner was left dumbfounded after the Windhoek municipality cut off the home’s water connection over an ‘unexplained’ water bill of N$9,000. According to the owner of Megameno Orphanage, Maria Shalukeni, water usage at the institution usually ranges between N$1,000 and N$2,000. Water was disconnected on Wednesday and the orphanage occupants were left to fetch water from their neighbours. Shalukeni said the municipality hinted that she might have a leakage somewhere and she should find people to identify and fix the problem. She says she was surprised when municipality officials came to her house on Wednesday to cut off her water supply. “I wasn’t supposed to have such a high bill. I never owed municipality anything,” stated Shalukeni. “Where will I get the N$9,000? I don’t even get a pension grant.” Shalukeni, who cares for 26 children, shared her plight with the Katutura East councillor Ruben Sheehama yesterday morning when the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare donated food and other items to the orphanage as part of the food bank programme. Sheehama promised to assist Shalukeni, saying he would visit the municipality today to find out what contributed to the high water bill. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Poverty Eradication gave food items to the orphanage such as e-pap, soup packets, yeast, sugar, salt and soap bars. Deputy Minister Aino Kapewangolo encouraged Shalukeni to establish a vegetable garden within her yard to produce nutritious greens for the children. “At the same time you engage the children to practice in food production at an early age,” said Kapewangolo who donated an extra N$500 and bought 30 loaves of bread from her own pocket. Shalukeni started her orphanage in 1998 with five children. One of the first children she took in is currently studying law at the University of Namibia.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-29 09:25:51 1 years ago

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