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Oshakati praised for police, NDF housing scheme

2022-07-05  Victoria Kaapanda

Oshakati praised for police, NDF housing scheme
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The Oshakati Town Council has allocated 70 erven for men and women in uniform at Onawa Extension 7 to build houses for police and defence force employees.

Mayor Leonard Hango said this came to pass after the National Housing Enterprises (NHE) approved the town council’s proposal of creating a special housing programme for men and women in uniform.

“The programme is only applicable to those working at Oshakati,” he said

He explained that the special housing programme is for police officers, general workers, soldiers, and ministry of defence and veterans affairs’ cleaners, many of whom are unable to acquire home loans from commercial banks.  “We came up with this initiative after noticing that the build together programme is not inclusive of our men and women in uniform. The qualifying criteria for build together programme have a ceiling of N$6 000,’’ he explained.

He added this can only benefit a person that has an income of less than N$6 000.

Hango stated that the salaries of the Namibian Defence Force and police officers are more than that, however, they cannot qualify to get home loans from commercial banks.

“We will start with 70 plots, although we have received a list of 131 NDF officials and 281 from Nampol officials,” he stated.

He also explained that they will select the according to their age and ranks.

“We will look at how old is the person and if he will be able to finish paying off the house before retirement,” he explained.

Oshana police commander, Commissioner Rauha Amweele, who was delighted with the great initiative, also congratulated the town council for their effort and determination to house men and women in uniform.

Shaduka Ndjoba, a soldier, said he is not one of the applicants, but he is really proud of the special programme.

“We are suffering. We don’t even know what to explain to our children in future if they ask why we do not have houses if we have been working for the government. It is painful,” stressed Ndjoba.

A police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he is very happy, although he is not quite sure if he is going to be one of the beneficiaries.

“Oshakati Town Council has done well. We are suffering in silence. We don’t have the right to complain but our leaders don’t even see that,” he said.

He further said, they are being paid peanuts, that is why most of the police officers accept bribes for as little as N$50.

He added that other councils must follow suit.


2022-07-05  Victoria Kaapanda

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