• November 16th, 2019

Oshana learners urged to embrace reading culture

Malakia Nashongo

OSHAKATI - Oshana libraries celebrated library day by taking their services to the Eluwa Special School in Ongwediva under the theme “Humanitarian Action in Africa Children’s Right First.”

This was the first time that the libraries in Oshana Region took their services to the Eluwa Special School since its inception.

Speaking at the event Jakob Muleka, the chief librarian at Oshakati library, urged learners to adopt the culture of reading and create their own library at their homes. 

He noted that in order for learners to become knowledgeable and produce good results, they need to learn how to read and write. 

“So, dear learners, please, I am urging you to read, to use the books from your school library, to visit the community library and where possible create your own library at home,” explained Muleka.

On her part Lucia Hamata, a teacher at Eluwa Special School showed her gratitude to the libraries for bringing services to the school for both the sight-impaired and hearing-impaired learners, stating that they never thought the libraries could offer such services.

“What they have brought us is very, very important and am sure it was never done by anyone in the past. It’s a very interesting thing, because like in our case our school is a special school, but we did not know that the libraries also offer special books and audio books, in fact special teaching and learning material for our school also,” said Hamata. She stressed that they did not previously have that understanding but now they know they can go to the library just like any other person. 

Josephine Iita, a librarian at Ondangwa Community Library showed her appreciation for the work they are doing for the learners with special needs and said that she is motivated to work with them and will be glad to come back and bring the services to Eluwa Special School, if time allows. 

“We are also willing to come back if we have enough time to come here and spend time with them, so they read for us – it will be good for them and it will encourage them and they will improve their reading and writing skills,” noted Iita.

A number of activities were carried out ranging from story reading to puzzles, listening to audio books, playing games like owela and watching educational videos. At the same time the Oshana library staff donated some sanitary pads, cups, plates and snacks for the children.

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