• February 25th, 2020

Oshikoto councillors tell farmers to hang in there

OMUTHIYA - Constituency councillors in Oshikoto Region have encouraged local communal farmers not to lose hope from late and scattered rainfalls. 

The region has been dry since last year and some areas only started receiving rain showers last week.
According to the councillors, farmers did not hesitate as they have already started ploughing their mahangu fields, even though it’s only little rainfall received. The councillors however remain hopeful that more rain is yet to come.

While many councillors in the region say some of their areas are still completely dry, this is not the case for those in Guinas Constituency as it rains nearly on the daily basis since the beginning of the year. 

Councillor for Guinas Betty Kaula, said most of the farmers in the areas have started ploughing. Although she is concerned that those cultivating maize will be affected compared to those that will grow mahangu.

“So far, there is an indication of prosperity, judging from the recent rain showers. Our people have already started cultivating their fields and they look determined, hence I would like to encourage them to keep that momentum. However, I cannot say the same for everyone, as some of the places in the constituency are still completely dry and have not received any single drop such as the area between Onayena and Onathinge,” said councillor Indongo Iyambo of Onayena Constituency when highlighting the situation in his area. “Do not lose hope as there is still time for recovery,” instilled Iyambo, further advising farmers to use the Okashana 1 and 2 which are high breed seeds for mahangu. “These seeds are best suitable when there is no enough rain compared to the other grains,” he added. 

Councillor for Okankolo, Hans Nambodi echoed similar sentiments saying the community should plough on a large scale with no doubts. “Let’s all work hard and produce enough food from the little rain we will receive to an extent where we can get a surplus which can be shared with those that will be less fortunate,” stated Nambodi.

Obrien Simasiku
2019-01-10 09:36:00 | 1 years ago

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