• July 23rd, 2019
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Oshikoto grapples with high teenage pregnancy

Obrein Simasiku Ekulo The chief regional officer of Oshikoto, Frans Enkali, has expressed concern about the high rate of teenage pregnancy in the region, particularly among schoolchildren, as well as cases of some unscrupulous teachers engaged in intimate relationships with learners. Enkali made the observation at a circuit award ceremony for Omuthiya held at Ekulo Senior Secondary School, where he emphasised that learners were sent to school to learn and achieve something in life instead of proving they can also fall pregnant or impregnate. “I am worried to learn that there is a high prevalence of teenage pregnancies in schools and this needs to be addressed. Is this how you want to appreciate government’s efforts to provide free education? From today, I want all of you learners and teachers to develop an attitude of ‘I can do it.’ I should also remind you that achievers are not born but are nurtured,” he stressed. Enkali added that one’s mindset determines what one will become in future. It therefore lies with learners to decide whether they want to fail or excel. “There are temptations along the way, but never give up. Even people with doctorates once failed and had to repeat some modules before they could become who they are. So never give up in whatever you do,” he appealed to learners. In the same vein, he warned learners to avoid engaging in intimate relationships with their teachers.   “How do you tell a learner a term like, ‘this one will not make it no matter how hard he/she tries.’ Such kind of derogatory statements discourages the learner and makes them worthless, and also avoid being in competition with the learners by flaunting your qualifications. That degree signifies that you are in a position to impart the special knowledge to the learners who are in need,” stressed the CRO. In conclusion Enkali said resilience, patience and determination are virtues needed for one to make it in life. The director general of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Paulus Noa, who is a regular sponsor, also attended the event, as well as the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary general, Ephraim Nekongo, who donated 2,200 boxes of white chalk.
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2018-04-09 08:40:02 1 years ago

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