• April 19th, 2019
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Oteya, Sally musical shoot-out awaits fans


Jeremiah Ndjoze Windhoek-The open space at the new parking of the City of Windhoek is the battleground for the perceived clash between Sally and Oteya, two of the new breed of local musicians next month. The two are among local acts to feature in the Awesome 2017 music bash to wind up the year on December 2 which also brings to the city’s shores one of the continent’s crème de la crème , Oliver Mtukudzi. Oteya has over the past years put a lot of work in the creation, launch and distribution of her music. And so has Sally, also known as Boss Madam, who confesses that she has put more money into the promotion of her music like never before on the Namibian music scene. It goes without saying that while in the twilight stages of their careers, the continent’s old crop of fine music makers consisting of the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela and Salif Keita, ran the show and earned respect from virtually all parts of the continent and abroad. But unlike the old horses, Sally and Oteya’s breed is armed with the digital age advancements to market their works faster and wider, good quality videos and extensive collaboration opportunities. And so far, both are at par in this new form of fan base penetration. This has led to comparisons between the two songbirds, with each camp arguing that their star takes the cake. That puzzle will be resolved soon if posters pinned in and around Windhoek, suggesting that the two stars will go head-to-head at the Awesome 2017 event on December 2 are anything to go by. Dubbed the ‘Biggest Year-End Party’, the show is expected to attract over 3,000 fans – not only to witness the Sally and Oteya draw card – but to be immersed in the good offerings of Oliver Mtukudzi, PDK, One Blood and others. Melody is among the most imposing attributes of the feminine anatomy and Sally is gifted with it. Her latest song ‘What you say’ bears testimony to this. She promises to drop all her hit songs at Awesome 2017 from the all-time favourite ‘Boss Madam’ album to other seasonal wonders like ‘Natural’, ‘Sweet Love, as well as ‘Bim-Bim’, all of which have gone continental. “I am coming with something that fans will take with into the New Year. Something memorable,” she says, adding that there is no love-lost between her and Oteya as they are both there to please their fans. Oteya, on the other hand, seasons her environs with touches of splendour penetrating a male-dominated industry that many women shy away from to avoid being branded. And like Sally, she exudes power on stage, with perfect vocal deliveries and polished acts. “We have had a rough 2017 from many aspects of life, so when you have such a line-up of artists you know it’s going down. It’s time to forget all the sorrows of 2017 and to look forward to entering 2018 with a bang,” says Oteya. Come December 2, she is guaranteeing her fans more than just ‘Ethimbo’, with ‘Watagwana’ still riding high anchored by ‘Unconditional Love’. Unlike other events where tickets are only sold to individuals, the organisers of Awesome 2017 has thrown a corporate element in the mix as such allowing companies to procure tables for their staff. Hence the theme; ‘Biggest Year-End Party.’
New Era Reporter
2017-11-17 10:55:26 1 years ago

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