• June 26th, 2019
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Other heroes excluded from state funerals – Venaani


Matheus Hamutenya Bethanie-Official opposition PDM leader McHenry Venaani feels government is unfair in the manner in which it accords state funerals to some heroes which benefits only a certain group of people. This comes after Venaani wrote an open letter to President Hage Geingob about two weeks ago to request that the late Chief David Frederick of  !Aman Traditional Authority be accorded a state funeral, a call which government did not respond positively to. And speaking at the burial of the late Chief Frederick at Bethanie on Saturday, Venaani spoke out against government for reserving this accolade only to a select few people from a certain group. He said it is evident that government has made state funerals only exclusive to some while other groups are completely excluded, despite their dedication and good deeds in their communities and the country at large. Venaani said the late chief had an unparalleled record of commitment and dedication to his people and his dignifying traits warranted him a state funeral, and it is therefore a pity that he could not be accorded a state funeral that he deserved, just because he is not from the exclusive group. He added that it is wrong that government does not recognise and praise leaders that are dedicated to their communities, but rather sings praises only to leaders that most of the time rob the poor by corruptly getting their hands on millions that are meant for the less privileged. “Every day we hear how many of us powerful leaders are amassing wealth through corruption, and none of us go to prison, but we do not hear of leaders that unify communities, but yet we give accolades to those that do not unify, but those that unify our people are getting a lesser treatment,” he said. Venaani said that while he is glad Geingob responded to his request, saying that he is waiting for a committee to make a recommendation, with the President being the final arbitrator; many people as the case with the late Chief Frederick, continue to be denied government’s recognition. He called on the government to refrain from double standards, saying where it benefits government, government is quick to claim that everything belongs to all Namibians, while state funerals and accolades of this magnitude are reserved only for a select group. “On one hand we are developing a narrative that is not consulted. We are saying the genocide money is for all Namibians, we have not even talked about it, but we are saying it is for all, while we know very well the communities that have suffered, and while we are saying that, state funerals are only for some,” said Venaani.
New Era Reporter
2018-02-07 09:16:16 1 years ago

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