• November 18th, 2018
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Otjimati Mini Show in gear …Epukiro auction a resounding success

n Kae MaÞunÿu-Tjiparuro WINDHOEK - Twenty-two-years after, the Otjimati Mini Show is still going strong with this year’s edition taking place this weekend in the village of Otjimati in the Epukiro Constituency of Omaheke Region. It is all systems go for the show, beginning tomorrow with all arrangements hundred per cent in place albeit Katjinduu Tjahuha, president of the Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association, EEFA, and one of the members of the organising committee of the show which can be seen as a flagship of the agricultural show in the constituency. The show is an outflow of the government’s decision to give responsibility for the running of water points to communities. Otjimati farmers thus thought the show would be a means towards self-reliance in terms of a breakdown of water pump engine and in supplying engine oil. Only one year since its inception could not be held due to drought. The show, which is open to all farmers from the constituency, and even some eminent guests farmers from outside, expects close to 100 animals and preparations are right on course with kapanas already in place by tomorrow. T he judging of the animals is taking place on Saturday. A first for the show this year in the agricultural section is chicken farming with its various variations like the production of eggs and meat, among others. In terms of entertainment, one of the foremost Oviritje genre groups in Omaheke, Otjinene-based Okazera, is expected to lead the pack. Meanwhile, the auction in the constituency in a long time last Wednesday, has been described as a huge success and beyond expectation not only attracting more than the 400 animals which the auctioneers wanted, but superseding this number with 549 animals in total with prices ranging between a high of N$36 and a low of 32 per kilogramme. Thus farmers could not but be happy comparing the price at the last permit day in the constituency of N$ 24 per kilogramme. This is thanks to the cooperation of farmers not to take their animals anywhere else but to wait for this auction. Despite initial fears that it may not materialise because of the sighting of a buffalo in the village of Ovye in the Eiseb communal area in the Otjombinde Constituency, and the subsequent ban on the movement of animals in the communal areas of Eiseb, Epukiro, Otjinene and Otjombinde, the buffalo was quickly found and shot down, thus paving the way for the uplift of the ban and for the auction to go ahead as scheduled. “Hundred percent,” Tjahuha could hardly hide his delight at the success of the auction by Karoo. He says this a step forward in their resolve to do away with permit days when only one buyer prevail, and to permanently introduce auctions with more than one buyer. He says this action must have signaled to Karoo auctioneers that Epukiro can deliver any number of animals they want and that auctions must be the future.
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2018-05-22 10:33:10 5 months ago

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