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Otjimbingwe vote dispute looms

2023-02-03  Edward Mumbuu

Otjimbingwe vote dispute looms

Lawyers representing the Ovaherero Traditional Authority, led by paramount chief claimant, academic Mutjinde Katjiua, have written to Ovitoto chief Vipuira Kapuuo to block this weekend's election and coronation of the authority’s successor to Vekuii Rukoro. 

Although contested, Katjiua was elected and is considered paramount chief among certain quarters of the Ovaherero community. 

The Kapuuo OTA faction - which does not recognise Katjiua’s chieftainship – will have their congress on Friday and Saturday at Otjimbingwe. 

Politicians McHenry Venaani and Mike Kavekotora as well as academic Hoze Riruako are contesting. 

However, the Katjiua group wants the event cancelled, pending the outcome of an ongoing court battle. 

Failure to heed the call, the concerned group will head to the High Court, on an urgent basis, to seek recourse. 

"We are, therefore, instructed to persist in our demand that your client [Kapuuo] immediately cease and desist from involving himself in the organisation, overseeing and/or in conducting the abovementioned unlawful elections.," lawyer Katuna Kamuhanga, from Kamuhanga Hoveka Samuel Incorporated wrote to Kapuuo's lawyers on Wednesday. 

Reacting to the legal missive, a calm Uazuva Kaumbi, Kapuuo's spokesperson, described it as "nonsense". 

"Our lawyers will respond to it in due course. There is no due date to that. There is no urgency. They knew already, over three months ago, that this is going to take place. They are members [of the OTA]. The meeting will go ahead as planned," Kaumbi said.


2023-02-03  Edward Mumbuu

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