• July 22nd, 2019
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Otjovahonge rewards Okondjatu Dux learner

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The Otjovahonge Peer Group (1965-1967) gathering at Okozombukotuehe, in the Okondjatu area of the Okakarara constituency in the Otjozondjupa region, from 8 to 10 December for their year-end function also used the occasion to award Okondjatu Combined School Dux Learner for 2017, Katrina Agarob. Otjovahonge rewarded Agarob, who won this accolade for as long as she has been with the school, with a goat ewe (produced by Karikutuka Kangumba) and N$1 490for her excellent scholarly performance. Agarob, who completed her Grade 10 at the school this year, scored the highest marks of 36 points during the second trimester of 2017. She is an orphan and Kavesanene Kariua is her foster mother. “Education is the greatest equaliser. Therefore, you need to take your studies seriously at all times,” Otjovahonge chairperson, Rijamekee Uremena, said in congratulating Agarob. Another member of the group and principal of Mokganedi Secondary School, Uakuzako Kavari, advised Agarob to “put aside those things that impact on effective learning” and to focus merely on her studies. “I remain focused on my goals and I don’t allow my circumstances to determine my future,” said one of the school’s shining stars during a prize giving in October at the school. Born in the small village of Okahitanda, Agarob started school in 2008 at the school. “Seeing the poverty at home really encouraged me to study very hard. Seeing how the world is, how other people who lack education suffer, really motivates me to focus on my education,” said Agarob in October. She wants to be the most successful woman, a world developer, and her family’s breadwinner. “I also would like to see more co-operation between our community members and the corporate world to improve the lives of the poorest members in society,” Agarob appealed to the corporate world indirectly. Her appeal has found resonance with FNB Namibia that has been linked with the school now since last year. This year, FNB donated N$10 000 towards the prize-giving ceremony at the school. “Not only have the Grade 10 results improved dramatically over the last three years. There has also been a decrease in pregnancy rates and an upsurge of positivity at the school among learners and teachers,” Revonia Kavihere, FNB’s manager for Corporate Social Investment said during the prize giving, encouraging learners to remain focused and to use education to overcome adversity. The rural school was established in 1970 with about 1 120 learners.
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