• April 22nd, 2019
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Otjovahonge rewards top learners at Aminuis

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Staff Reporter Aminuis-The five top performing Grade 10 learners at the Rietquelle Junior Secondary School received prizes for their hard work in 2017. The learners scored average points of 33.6 each in Grade 10 at the school. The learners are Undjizuva Katjimune who scored 38 points, Justine Teek who scored 34 points, Liezel Kaatura who scored 32 points, Karunatjaro Hengua with 32 points and Raonga Kavakuru with 32 points. As prizes Katjimune received N$2,000, Teek received N$1,500 while Kaatura, Kavakuru and Hengua all received N$1,000 each. The learners received their prizes at Aminuis on December 31 from Otjovahonge Peer Group, a community-driven initiative committed to rendering support to Grade 10 learners of Rietquelle school. The group wants to enhance the academic performance of the learners at the school. “Otjovahonge Peer Group will strengthen its engagement programme for 2018 so as to ensure improved academic performance at Grade 10 level at Rietquelle JSS,” said Chairperson of Otjovahonge Peer Group in the Aminuis District, Kapopoo Box Kaavara, at the occasion. The Rietquelle Junior Secondary School improved its regional performance ranking and is now ranked second best performing school in Omaheke Region. It is a huge improvement seeing that it sprang from the eleventh place it occupied the previous year. The improvement is due in part to the support from the Otjovahonge Peer Group who at the beginning of 2017 committed themselves to support Grade 10 learners to do better. The support from the group included motivational talks, advice on study techniques and support with food during vacation schools. Attending the prize-giving event were Aminuis Constituency Councillor Petrus Kazongominja, Ovaherero Traditional Authority Chief Bertholdt Tjiundje, Omaheke regional education drector, Pecka Semba, and the principal of Rietquelle Junior Secondary School, Hikuepi Uanivi. The prize-giving ceremony, held at Rietquelle Junior Secondary School, was organized by Otjovahonge Peer Group.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-24 09:52:56 1 years ago

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