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Ovahimba lauds govt for improved livelihoods 

2021-03-19  Nuusita Ashipala

Ovahimba lauds govt for improved livelihoods 
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Despite the challenges the marginalised Ovahimba community continue to face, some applauded the government for the good strides geared towards uplifting their lives over the years.

Like the rest of the country, they have also been benefiting from government services such as the provision of water and social grants.

Kasapato Tjavara, who will be celebrating his 31st birthday this year, expressed mixed feelings about celebrating Independence Day.

Tjavara said independence has brought about many good things, but he also desires a situation where children born by Namibian parents all have access to national documents.

Post-independence, Tjavara said, it saddens him that many people, especially those from the marginalised communities do not have national documents and as such are deprived from government social grants.

“Independence is good, but Namibians should unite and address some of these challenges,” he said. 

Uahapurirue Tjingee (23) who is a mother applauded government for bringing services closer to the people – such as schools, hospitals and other essential services.

She also lauded government for providing her with the monthly social grant to maintain her children.

From the stories she has heard of Namibia pre-independence, Tjingee said, her region has seen significant development over the years.

“We are reaping the fruits of independence,” said Tjingee.

Titus Tjijombo (69) who has previously worked for the government said the country is moving in the right direction to uplift the lives of its

“Before independence I had no water at home and my cattle post, but I now have water and other benefits that came after Namibia gained its independence,” said Tjijombo.

He said government has put in place measures to assist those who wish to uplift themselves from poverty.

He said various ministries and government agencies have programmes and projects for Namibians to benefit from.

“The opportunities are there for everyone. If you are not progressing, it is because of your own laziness,” said Tjijombo.

2021-03-19  Nuusita Ashipala

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