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Over 20 new MTC network towers commissioned in northeast

2019-03-18  John Muyamba

Over 20 new MTC network towers commissioned in northeast

John Muyamba

BARAMASONI - Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa officially commissioned three of the 21 new network sites in Kavango West, East and Zambezi regions on Friday.

The 21 new sites  were constructed under the on-going 081Every1 national network project by MTC, and are all equipped with 3G technology. Each of the three regions got seven new network sites.
“This is your independence gift, “ Simataa said, jokingly.

“Government is very appreciative of your patience and your tolerance because 29 years after independence [is a long time]. You have kept the faith.”

In Kavango East, the event was held on Friday at Baramasoni village in Mashare Constituency. Others are installed at Katenture, Ndjarandjara, Shamaturu, Nyangana, Shimpanda and Kayengona  villages.

“What we are activating here is not only at Baramasoni. In this region there are seven sites where this fellow Namibians will now feel like they live in an independent Republic of Namibia, where they too as citizens can enjoy the right to communication,” Simataa noted.

In Kavango West, the ICT minister commissioned the Kakuwa tower in Mpungu Constituency on Thursday, and this also meant that the other sites were now officially activated. Those are at Kasera, Bravo Mangetti, Ncuncuni, Kamupupu and Sharukwe villages in Kavango West. 

The 081Every1 project is the largest network improvement project since the dawn of mobile telecommunications, which has cost over N$1 billion dollar over a three-year period.

On Saturday, Simataa officially activated the sites in the Zambezi Region at Mafuta in the Katima Rural Constituency, which was on behalf of the other sites at Sikanjabuka, Ibbu, Itomba, Mbalasinte , Singalamwe.

The inauguration of these sites is symbolic and representative of phase one of the 081Every1 project in the three regions.  Simataa expressed a view that network infrastructure is significant as it permits the government to provide digital services to the people. “The government therefore have a duty, through MTC, to take network coverage and connectivity, especially to remote areas and bring about inclusivity,” he said.

Minister Simataa also urged the communities to embrace the infrastructures for digital transformation and smart business activities. 

“Namibia needs to be a smart nation and this can only be achieved if we integrate everyone and embrace the digital movement. Only then we can cease the existence of digital divide through sustainable and inclusive innovations and modern infrastructure,” he said. 

MTC Chief Technology Officer Licky Erastus said the network giant will continue in its aggressive objective to ensure that Namibia is hundred percent covered in terms of network. “Our commitment to this cause is tight and we are proud with what we have achieved thus far, and we will continue to be visible as phase two of the 081every1 project is already planned to start early in April,” Erastus said.

2019-03-18  John Muyamba

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