• May 28th, 2020

Over 300 remain in quarantine

Albertina Nakale

Deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue has announced about 302 people suspected of Covid-19 are still under quarantine at various places across Namibia. 
However, she confirmed that a group of 34 people who travelled from the Netherlands completed their 14-day quarantine at the Greiters Conference Centre, situated on the outskirts of Windhoek. 
She said all the 34 were released from the quarantine facility, while psychosocial support and counselling was provided. Among those still under quarantine include 40 people that are being kept at the Hardap Dam Resort, 39 at Rock Lodge, 22 at Cross Barmen Resort, 62 at the Zambezi Waterfront and Tourism Park, while 139 are kept at different places in Windhoek.

According to Muinjangue, four people developed signs and symptoms of Covid-19 at different places in Windhoek, while three others developed the same symptoms at Zambezi Waterfront and Tourism Park. 
The number of Covid-19 cases in Namibia still stands at 16 none of which has been fatal thus far.
“Out of the 16, three individuals have been discharged, they have recovered, hence that leaves us with 13 active Covid-19 cases for people that are still in isolation. Their conditions are reported to be good, not critical,” she said.
Muinjangue said the government is working around the clock, in response to the World Health Organisation’s directive to strengthen the prevention and control measures for Covid-19.
State physician Dr Ismael Katjitae yesterday said that so far, Namibia ran about 385 tests for Covid-19, of which 299 of them were negative, while two had to re-run, 31 were discarded and 18 of those results are still pending.
“We still managed to keep the numbers at a relative low rate and we hope and pray it’s going to be that way. We didn’t have any critically ill patient who tested positive for Covid-19. Some of them had to be put on drips because they also developed gastric problems but no one developed severe respiratory problems,” He stated.
He confirmed four people who were placed under quarantine at Eros Airport in Windhoek were cleared and sent home yesterday after completing their 14 days of isolation.
Katjitae clarified that everyone suspected to be exposed to the virus should be put under quarantine or are advised to undergo self-isolation.

Albertina Nakale
2020-04-08 09:11:33 | 1 months ago

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