• July 24th, 2019
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Over 70 OVC get school uniform aid at Mbambangandu JP

RUNDU - About 75 learners at Mbambangandu Junior Primary School, 30km east of Rundu in Mashare Constituency, last week got a donation of school uniforms from fishing company Nautilus Fishing Industry.

The donation comprised of a shirt, a pair of socks and shoes, a trouser for boys and a skirt for girls.
The donation was sourced from the fishing company by Mundi Wetu Project at Shambyu village where the school is situated. 
“I’m a resident of this village and when I saw the need of my community, I came up with the idea to register a project that can offer help, called Pamundi Wetu,” Elizabeth Shiyagaya said. “Through this project I went to Nautilus Fishing Industry to ask them to assist two of the schools at this village and they chose the younger ones who are receiving the uniforms.”
Pamundi Wetu roughly translates as ‘our home’ in the local Rumanyo dialect.

“On behalf of the school, I would like to thank the donor that saw that our learners, who mostly live under difficult social conditions, needed assistance. The donor has reduced the burden of our parents who can’t afford to buy these uniforms for their children. Today the school would like to acknowledge and appreciate that most of our orphans and vulnerable children have received a uniform today,” said the school’s principal, Lagia Nairenge.

Mbambangandu JP has a population of 452 learners, a secretary, a cleaner and 13 teachers. The school is located in the Shambyu education circuit. 

John Muyamba
2018-10-15 10:11:10 9 months ago

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