• July 19th, 2019
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OYP strives for economic emancipation


Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The Omuthiya Youth Parliament (OYP) says it is striving for economic emancipation among the youth and upcoming entrepreneurs within Oshikoto Region. “We have drafted our calendar of activities by looking at the needs of our fellow youths. We have seen that youths need time to mingle and build up each other so that those who have lost focus can regain it and start doing something for themselves. That is why we plan to have a talent show so that our youth can show their talents and work together to see how best we can use these talents as a means of getting income for survival,” said OYP chairperson David Uusiku. He added that OYP plans to make 2018 a better year for all residents of Omuthiya and those from other places. He highlighted some of the events lined up for the year, such as the Omuthiya Youth Fair gala dinner, talent shows, sports, training of SMEs and the Omuthiya Youth Fair. “All these events are to kick off as from March to September 2018. Therefore, we would like to request any individual, company, government, parastatals or NGOs to join hands with us so that we can make our plans a success. “As it was announced last year that Omuthiya Youth Fair will be an annual event, we are looking for any good Samaritan to join us in organizing the exhibition and help us in business industry – as they would benefit mostly in selling their products during this event,” appealed Uusiku. Meanwhile, Uusiku seized the opportunity to distance his organization from news making the rounds that it was OYP which organized the Miss Othithiya beauty pageant, which saw organisers vanish with proceeds of the event. “OYP would like to make it categorically clear that we were not part of Miss Othithiya that was organized during the past festive season. “Therefore, we would like to distance ourselves from all rumours that it was us who organized the event. The only event we organized in 2017 was the Omuthiya Youth Fair that took place in September and it was a success,” said Uuski.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-22 09:44:00 1 years ago

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