• July 21st, 2019
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Paratus to provide IT services to Nedbank

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek Nedbank Namibia and Paratus signed an agreement in which Paratus will provide IT services and resume responsibility of the entire Nedbank Namibia network. In the past Nedbank Namibia’s network infrastructure was managed by Nedbank South Africa. This is a pioneering move for Nedbank Namibia as a leading commercial bank, since its banking operations will now be managed by Paratus, a 100 percent wholly-owned Namibian ICT service provider. According to Nedbank Namibia managing director Lionel Matthews, the current arrangement will allow for synergies between the two, which will result in better banking services for its clients. Nedbank will now be able to bring to its clients a wide array of innovative services riding off Paratus’ expertise. This will also result in faster turnaround times for trouble shooting within the bank.  Matthews pointed out that it is important that Namibian companies work together, where a relationship of this nature allows both parties to grow together. He said that as a multinational institution it is a huge milestone for Nedbank Namibia to be independent from South Africa and be able to source local business solutions. “We are committed to Namibian businesses; we are committed to helping Namibian businesses grow. If we are to deliver shareholders’ value we should be allowed to do what we think is right for our customers, for our local market – for our people,” said Matthews. The relationship between Nedbank Namibia and Paratus has grown with leaps and bounds, said managing director of Paratus, John D’Alton. He, too, underscored that this relationship is exemplary of how Namibian companies should work together. “It has been a learning curve for us, to fully understand the ambit of services that are required by an institution such as Nedbank. And I think we [Paratus] are very well suited to offer all services. Considering our history, we have been doing that for many years,” he said. •••• Photo: Nedbank Caption:
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