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Paving the way for future leaders

2021-12-01  Paheja Siririka

Paving the way for future leaders
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The African Pathfinder Leadership Initiative (APLI) and Gweri Vintage Collection have collaborated on a project of making and selling socks to raise funds towards a fellowship programme, slated for 2022.

The unisex socks are of superior quality, sleek and comfortable. 

APLI Namibia founder Sem Mandela Uutoni told Youth Corner the partnership was born out of an intentional effort to raise funds for the APLI to undertake its 2022 Fellowship Programme.

APLI is a youth development organisation that aspires to build a generation of ethical, innovative and community-centred leaders. 

“This is mainly achieved by providing training to youth who have the desire to contribute towards socio-economic development in their communities,” said Uutoni.

The training is focused on three main priority areas, which are entrepreneurship, leadership and community development. 

In addition, APLI Namibia provides youth with the professional networks they may require to expand their horizons – a venture that has to date trained over 350 youth free of

Since its establishment in 2018, APLI has been at the forefront of youth issues.

In a bid to advance their shared values of youth empowerment, the two organisations found it befitting to collaborate on this campaign and widen the access of personal and professional development opportunities accessible to young Namibians, shared Uutoni. 

Gweri Vintage Collection is an ethical Namibian, African and internationally recognised cultured and sustainable fashion and accessories brand. 

Founder of Gweri Vintage Collection Pinehas Shikulo said collaborations like these are crucial for young Namibians teaming up and creating opportunities for others, and contributing to the socio-economic situation in the country.

“Being part of this collaboration is exactly what Gweri Vintage Collection stands for, which is helping the youth. What triggered me to be part of this is answering the question of what are we doing to prepare future leaders – and here we are,” shared the enthusiastic Shikulo.

He indicated: “Collaboration is key because it motivates one to pursue and reach their goal or try by all means to achieve their mission; one gets to move from point A to B, and the reason why I love collaborating with young Namibians is the fact that it helps the brand to expand. It pushes the brand.”

2021-12-01  Paheja Siririka

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