• July 11th, 2020

Pay less for recycled water and save with Eco Smart Water Technologies

WINDHOEK – As Namibians grapple with one of the worst droughts in recent history, coupled with an economic recession going on three years now, there has been increased interest from consumers and businesses in installing waste water treatment facilities that can convert grey or black water into a useable product. According to Werner Graupe at Eco Smart Water Technologies Namibia, it is imperative for every household in the country to consider installing a water treatment system to not only reduce the amount of water consumed from municipalities, thereby protecting a scare natural resource, but also to significantly reduce the cost of water used. 

Graupe’s Eco Smart Water Technologies, which has been in existence for about 14 years, specialises in optimising the re-use and recycling of waste water. And while some people have opted to install their own waste water system at their businesses or residences, Graupe cautions that the City of Windhoek and other municipalities across the country support water recycling efforts only if it adheres to minimum standards. 

Speaking to New Era from the company’s manufacturing facilities located in Brakwater, from where they design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain domestic and larger-scale waste water treatment applications nationwide and abroad, Graupe pointed out the numerous financial and environmental benefits to installing such a system. 

Graupe explained that when consuming water from the City of Windhoek normal households pay about N$20 per cubic metre for up to 200 litres consumed. Between 200 and 1000 litres consumers pay close to N$30 per cubic metre, between 1000 and 1500 litres consumers pay N$55 per cubic metre and for more than 1500 litres consumers pay N$127 per cubic metre. However, the cost to recycle waste water through an Eco Smart water treatment options will cost the consumer a mere N$6.50 for every 1000 litres, representing significant savings for the consumer. 

What’s more, Graupe notes that by financing the water treatment system through a commercial bank like Bank Windhoek consumers can capitalise their asset within two to three years, with as much as 80 percent of the monthly premium on the financing being paid for by savings generated from the monthly water bill. The Eco-Smart water treatment systems also qualify and can be considered to be financed through the Bank Windhoek Green Bond funding facility.

Major clients for Eco Smart Water Technologies, which boasts a permanent staff complement of 14, include security services such as the police and the army, as well as shopping malls and car washes but Graupe emphasises that the system works equally as well when installed in private households and complexes. The system also holds tremendous potential for hostels at schools, universities and other tertiary education institutions. 

“Schools have a huge potential to benefit from this system, particularly this that also have sports fields and big gardens that can use the recycled water,” said Graupe. He added that regarding complexes and flats that a body corporate to manage grey water usage is the ideal arrangement. 

Eco Smart is currently engaged with water treatment systems at Divundu, for an integrated agricultural project, and Omaruru. Graupe commented that the company also prefers to enter into joint-venture agreements with local authorities. 

The company also designs and develops fully mobile waste water treatment plants and is offering a special price on all of their products for the month of November. 

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