• February 25th, 2020

PDK sizzles on ‘Grateful’

The trio, PDK, seems to have the impressive talent of blending catchy and infectious Afro-pop, Shambo and Sungura rhythms with topical issues bordering on love, domestic and societal ills.
The renowned and multi-genre music outfit  Patrick, Deon and Kamtonyo (PDK)  is back on the music scene with a matrix-loaded 15-track album entitled ‘Grateful’, which will be released through online platforms, including iTunes and Apple Music, tomorrow.
Entertainment journalists had the privilege to listen to PDK’s latest tunes on Tuesday evening. Except the messages conveyed through the songs that are different, it was obvious that the singers’ voices are as powerful as ever.
The first song on the album is ‘Tambuleni’ featuring Mabeli and the message conveyed is that people should give the little they have.  
Track 2, ‘Popolota’ is a provocative hit. Those who attended the Boxx Thrive event hosted at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre last Saturday had the privilege to listen to PDK perform the song for the first time, as a foretaste of what to expect on the album.
Track 6, ‘Aame Omuntu Woye’, produced by K Ketu, is a captivating love song.
Another beautiful jam on the album is Track 10, a cover version of the song ‘Sexual Healing’ by American singer, Marvin Gaye.
There is also a party song entitled ‘No Body’. It is a young, wild and free song, which means go out there and have fun to the fullest. Apart from that, PDK also catered for gospel lovers on Track 13, ‘Tambula, which has a great tune.
According to Patrick, the new album is more personal, with more matured genres.
“On this album, we tried to go back to the roots and revisited those old genres such as Shambo, as well as the songs that we used to hear from artistes like the late Tate Kwela, by reworking them to cater for the youth,” says Patrick. 
PDK worked with Blossom, Sanda, Eddie K, Mabeli, Top Cheri, King Elegant, Tesh and Athawise while Glo, Kamtonyo and K Ketu produced the album.
Hard copies of the album will officially be available on May 24.
 - Versatile Media Agency

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