• June 19th, 2019
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PDM calls for accountability at regional conference

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP- The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) last weekend held its regional conference in Keetmanshoop to elect its new regional party representatives.

Elma Dienda, a PDM parliamentarian said they convened the meeting “to light the path towards the national election in November.” She explained that section 8 of the PDM constitution warrants for a regional conference which, as the party’s decision-making organ allows for the democratic election of delegates.

She stressed there are many issues faced by the party in the //Kharas Region that need to be tackled hands-on, “but this can only happen if we have effective representatives of the people on the ground to help us influence impactful decision-making at national level.”

According to the parliamentarian, recent reports revealed unemployment in Namibia stands at 33 percent of which 46 percent is represented by the youth in the high jobless statistics. 
“Unemployment, lack of housing as well as gender-based violence in this region are major challenges,” noted the opposition parliamentarian.

She furthermore stated it is the duty of Namibians at first and leaders of the official opposition at large to effect continuous and consistent interaction with the grassroots.

In addition, she reminded party members that their efforts should be to explore the best fraternal solutions to address the challenges Namibians are faced with, but that this can only be realized “if we all hold each other accountable as leaders.”
“As the alternative government of this country, we are more than ready to take on the task of leading our people out of the poverty that Swapo has left our people in,” Dienda said.

According to her, issues of concern include amongst others young people being turned away from schools for not meeting prescribed criteria and a failing police force not protecting ordinary citizens, leading to crimes such as a high number of minors being raped. 

She encouraged party members to make use of their democratic right to elect representatives who “will make meaningful impact through the Movement and not shy away from responsibilities.”

New Era Reporter
2019-04-05 12:10:51 2 months ago

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