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PDM pre-empts post-congress divisions

2018-10-30  Nuusita Ashipala

PDM pre-empts post-congress divisions
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OSHAKATI - The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) possibly learning from Swapo, said it will not entertain slates and character assassination at its elective congress that is set for next February.

The last Elective Congress of Swapo in 2017 was characterised by political mud-slinging, character assassination, personal, tribal attacks, and PDM does not want to fall in the same divisive hole.

Party president McHenry Venaani said members intending to contest for positions should do so in their own right with their own names and not use their campaigns as an opportunity to divide PDM into slates.

“As we exercise the right to freely choose our elected leaders, we are reminded that the movement shall not condone slate politics and character assassination of competitors, but fair play and rules of engagements will be agreed upon at the extra ordinary conference and clear open timelines of campaigns,” Venaani said. Prior to the elective congress, the party will also penetrate the alleged Swapo ‘no go zone’ area by holding an extra ordinary congress in Outapi, Omusati Region.
The extra ordinary congress is slated for late November or early December this year.

The revelations were made at PDM’s Central Committee meeting held at Oshakati on Saturday.
The meeting was attended by 72 central committee members from across the country.
The party assembled to prepare itself for the upcoming national elections slated for next year.

PDM also deliberated on its Document Zero coded strategic plan that unpacks the movement’s strategic and tactic process towards breaking Swapo’s 2/3 majority vote during the previous national elections.

At the same time, Venaani said the meeting will also prepare PDM’s national manifesto, Strategy Namibia, which will be a roadmap of action approach towards uplifting the downtrodden in the society. Venaani took time to invite the northerners to rally behind his party in order to break Swapo 2/3 majority vote, saying Swapo is behind the economic struggles which has led the country into abject poverty, unemployment amongst others. 

“For as long as you give too much power to the ruling party you are as guilty as the ruling party for allegedly corrupting the country; If we do not change the voting patterns to bring political balance in this country don’t come to complain to me when you see me in shops. Blame yourselves,” Venaani said.

2018-10-30  Nuusita Ashipala

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