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PDM to field energetic candidates

2020-07-14  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

PDM to field energetic candidates
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The country’s official opposition, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader McHenry Venaani exhorted the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) members to nominate competent and selfless energetic leaders to represent the party in the upcoming regional and local authority elections.

The regional and local authority polls are set for November.
Venaani expressed his sentiments while opening the party’s executive committee meeting aimed at nominating candidates to contest in the eagerly awaited regional and local authority elections.  

“As we are meeting for the purpose to debate and craft a nomination procedure for would be candidates representing local semi and urban centres as well as regional candidates in the upcoming elections, let’s do so in realising the fact that a future cannot come by itself, it must be tended to with brains and hands to achieve a desired outcome,” delegates heard.

“We must robustly and candidly engage on a workable formula that will be people-centered,” was the PDM leader’s clarion call.
He wants NEC members to bring forth the best political arsenal of candidates that are competent, selfless, and full of enthusiasm to the service of the broader common good of society. 
“We should lead the peg of having the able candidates to transform society and unlock the service delivery of our towns,” he said.
Venaani said party leaders must raise the political transaction to include all citizens and ratepayers to feel accommodated in the nominee selection.

“Paramount in the democratic process of nomination, elections and vetting the system creates both wanted and unwanted consequences that lead into winners and losers; I urge high discipline and high moral and unity to protect the movement’s moral high ground and to maintain cohesion,” Venaani said. 

He noted PDM is serious when it launched its 90-day campaign to deliver free residential plots to thousands of urban shack dwellers as enunciated in its 2019 manifesto called Strategy Namibia that called for a One Namibia, One Plot policy. 
“To unlock the high housing prices, we need to ease land pressure in urban areas. The old economic adage of market forces of supply and demand teaches us that if we proliferate more land in the market, the supply would ease the demand and prices will go down,” Venaani said.
Thousands of urban dwellers are capable of building their own dwellings but lack the pre-requisite to do so due to not holding any land in their hands. 

“We report that we are going to table two critical Private Members Bills when National Assembly re-open in the name of Flexible Land Tenure Bill and Urban Land Resettlement Bill for them to form the nexus to deliver access to land and help to expedite provision of housing.
“We shall no longer tolerate the housing crisis to be only a tool to campaign with but after elections it’s put on the waiting list of priorities,” Venaani said.

He said the party’s view was strongly corroborated by the High Panel on Economics that equally supported the nuance of delivering free plots as a means of putting equity in the hands of the poor. 
Furthermore, he said PDM is going to launch an investigation into the unoccupied mass housing homes and recommend new financing models to allow homeless Namibians to access the property market. 

“How on earth does one build homes that are not occupied while the nation has a backlog of over 300 000 houses? A new rental scheme must be developed so that young professionals can start occupying homes and move away from garages rentals.”  – 
Preparing for polls…PDM president McHenry Venaani has urged the party to bring forth the best candidates for November polls.


2020-07-14  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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