• December 2nd, 2020

PDM to screen aspiring candidates

PDM to screen aspiring candidates

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa 

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says it will put under microscopic scrutiny its members wanting to contest as candidates on its tickets in regional and local authority polls in November.
This, according to PDM secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe, was decided during its central committee meeting, held in Windhoek last week.
Ngaringombe said the party will allow all PDM members, supporters and sympathisers willing to serve their communities on a local or regional level to apply for nomination through an open application process that will be advertised through the movement’s social media platforms and print media. 
“A notice should be sent out to all PDM regional, constituencies and branch committees with an application form, which should also be available on social media,” Ngaringombe said yesterday.
Also, he said, all prospective candidates will be invited to a town hall meeting on a specified date in their town or constituency, where voters will be given the chance to question the prospective candidates regarding their reasons for wishing to be elected. 
“Emphasis will be on their experience, knowledge and understanding of management. An interviewing panel of the PDM will be on hand to score the candidates in this regard,” Ngaringombe said.
He said after the town hall meeting, a regional committee would convene a meeting to review the outcome of the town hall meeting and recommend its results to the party’s management committee.
“The PDM management committee will then use these score sheets to do its internal vetting process and per the movement’s constitution. The management committee will use standardised evaluation forms and internal vetting processes as per the PDM constitution,” Ngaringombe said.
Once the vetting is concluded, he said the names of recommended candidates would be submitted to its National Executive Committee (NEC). 
“The NEC will perform the final process of vetting the candidates and draw up a final candidate list in order as per the number of seats in a specified local authority area or the preferred candidate for a constituency council election,” he explained.
Ngaringombe said nominees should understand and subscribe to the PDM’s vision and mission as set out in the PDM constitution.
“They should know and understand the Local and Regional Authorities Act and be aware of the duties and functions of a serving councillor,” he added.
He advised candidates to acquaint themselves with problems of their constituency and they should be willing to work towards resolving social problems – both structurally and developmentally. 
“They should be fluent in English and at least one other local language.  A tertiary qualification could be an added advantage but is not required,” he said.
The PDM central committee meeting also resolved to appoint regional coordinators on a full-time basis, effective 1 July, to ensure there is commitment and motivation – and they should give maximum output to the development and growth of the opposition party.
“The NEC noted the important role regional coordinators play in keeping the movement alive, particularly at the grassroots level,” he said in a statement issued yesterday.
– ktjitemisa@nepc.com.na

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2020-07-22 13:36:51 | 4 months ago

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