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PDM wants MPs to contribute to party coffers

2021-06-09  Staff Reporter

PDM wants MPs to contribute to party coffers
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The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) central committee (CC) meeting held last weekend resolved that members of parliament (MPs), regional and local authority councillors should make a monetary monthly contribution to the party. 

With 16 seats in the National Assembly, two seats in the National Council, the party received about N$18 million for its representation in both parliament houses. The party has also three regional councillors and 39 local authority councillors. 

Party secretary general Manuel Ngaringombe in a statement said the MPs’ contributions will assist the movement in carrying out its programme of action, and in particular, putting into practical effect the PDM manifesto at the national and local government level.

Furthermore, Ngaringombe said the CC also advised party members to vigorously
maintain a spirit of high morale and high discipline. 

“The meeting stressed that as a government in waiting, leaders and members of the party must exhibit the highest forms of self-discipline within the movement,” he said. 

Also, he said the meeting further urged all PDM members to continue to mobilise the grassroots for the movement to attain a decisive victory in 2024.

“Our party recommits itself to transform the economic and social trajectory of all Namibians,” Ngaringombe said.

Ngaringombe also announced that the party has nominated Western Muharukua as the party’s candidate to contest in  the by-election slated for 2 July 2021 in the Opuwo Rural constituency. He further announced that the party will soon field a candidate to contest in the Katima Mulilo Urban constituency following the passing of John Mukaya.  “We, therefore, implored on PDM structures in the Opuwo Rural and Katima Mulilo Urban constituencies to galvanise and ensure victory in both constituencies,” he said.

2021-06-09  Staff Reporter

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