• April 25th, 2019
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PDMYL condemns proposed taxi increase

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Business & Finance

Strauss Lunyangwe WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) has strongly condemned the proposed 50 percent increase that the Namibia Transport and Taxi Union (NTTU) plan to introduce. At the moment, commuters pay N$10.00, while the proposed increase could increase to N$15.00. The official opposition youth league feels that the increase is unreasonable, especially for students who will have to fork out in excess of N$45.00 per day on taxi fares. Currently, the union has not been accorded an audience with the Ministry of Transport to discuss the proposed increase. The union feels that taxi drivers face high fines for traffic offences, not enough taxi stops which forces drivers to stop anywhere to pick up passengers, and the slow issuance of taxi permits, amongst other issues.  Maximalliant Katjimune, the spokesperson of PDMYL feels the significant majority of the population who live on starvation wages will not be able to cope with the proposed increase. “We therefore request the NTTU and the mother body, NABTA (Namibia Buses and Taxi Association) to sit down and draft a better and inclusive plan of action on taxi fares. The current proposal is, in our view completely unacceptable” he ended.
New Era Reporter
2018-07-16 09:29:26 9 months ago

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