• November 19th, 2018
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Pelts dispatched to Copenhagen

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Farmers Forum

Staff Reporter Windhoek-A consignment of 41,500 Swakara pelts was dispatched to the Copenhagen Fur Auction House last Thursday. The pelts, which will go on auction on March 18, was expected to arrive in the Danish capital late yesterday. Jaco van Zyl, the Swakara Pelt Centre’s manager, says 43,500 pelts were submitted by Swakara producers. All pelts handed in at the various Agra branches are sent to the pelt centre in Windhoek, where they are sorted and packed. “After the rejects as well as the grey and brown pelts were withdrawn, we were able to send about 41,500 pelts to Copenhagen,” says Van Zyl. The number of white and spotted pelts are about 6% more compared to April 2017’s offer, he says. Van Zyl adds that the exchange rate is currently not very favourable for sales after the South African rand recently strengthened against the US dollar. “Currently, we are six percent worse off in Namibia dollar compared to the September 2017 auction. Nonetheless, with a smaller offer Namibia should not struggle to sell her pelts. But if her offer shrinks even further, important buyers will be losing interest because they cannot fulfil their orders.” Van Zyl says during February’s mink and chinchilla auction in Copenhagen, 99% of all pelts were sold – with a small increase that was noticed in prices. “Especially the chinchilla – which is, like Swakara, a small offer – was sold at good prices. Winters in America, Europe and Russia were cold, which is generally good for fur sales. “ The Swakara Council’s chairperson, Julene Meyer, travelled to China at the end of 2017 and returned with positive feedback from prospective Chinese buyers. Swakara is a relatively well-known fur in China and is increasingly gaining ground in the Chinese fashion scene.
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2018-03-06 09:02:50 8 months ago

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