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Pensioner sentenced  to life 

2020-07-15  Roland Routh

Pensioner sentenced  to life 
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Oshakati High Court judge Johanna Salionga has sentenced a pensioner to life imprisonment and another 30 years, following a double murder conviction.

Johannes Ambondo David (65) was convicted of stabbing his 38-year-old heavily pregnant girlfriend and mother of his two minor children Ndapanda Nekwaya nine times, causing her to die in the Oshakati state hospital during August 2017. 
He was further convicted of stabbing to death 25-year-old Taapopi Uukongo, a nephew of Nekwaya, who came to her aid after the accused had started assaulting his heavily pregnant girlfriend. 

According to the facts of the case, David pulled Nekwaya out of a shebeen on 14 August 2017 and proceeded to kick her in the stomach several times. 
When Uukongo tried to come to her aid, David stabbed him once in the chest and then proceeded to stab Nekwaya nine times.
Judge Salionga said the killing is the most barbaric, inhumane, gruesome and cruel in that he not only stabbed the mother of his two minor children, who as a result lost the pregnancy, but he also stabbed an innocent and defenceless Uukongo in the process of stopping him from kicking a heavily pregnant woman. 

“The accused has no respect for human life,” the judge stressed.
She further said David had time to refrain from his barbaric acts but instead, he pursued Nekwaya and stabbed her to death.
“In light of the above, the imposition of lengthy custodial sentences is inevitable and necessary to mark the seriousness of the offences and the resentment of society, despite his advanced age,” the judge stated.
She further said she is not persuaded by arguments from the defence that David showed genuine remorse for his actions.
“When asked why he stabbed the deceased persons, the accused reiterated that he acted in self-defence despite a finding of guilt by this court,” Salionga said.

According to her, even though evidence proved he killed Uukongo on the spur of the moment, the same cannot be said for Nekwaya.  “The actions of pulling Nekwaya from the shebeen and kicking her before stabbing her are clear manifestations of intention to kill.”  The judge went on to say David was not at any stage provoked, and there is no justification for his actions.
She said he is a danger to society, which must be protected against persons like him, concluding that deterrence and retribution are the only answer for what he has done.

2020-07-15  Roland Routh

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