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Personality of the week - Diana Himeezembi Tjejamba - From Epukiro Pos 3 to Europe

2021-10-21  Maurice Kambukwe

Personality of the week - Diana Himeezembi Tjejamba - From Epukiro Pos 3 to Europe
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Career achievements as a netball player: Winning the Pent Series in 2018, and winning the Nations Cup in Singapore in 2019. Also, my club Mission Mannas (in Singapore) winning the league in 2014 for the first time in many years.


Biggest disappointment as a netball player: Being called and then dropped from the national team that went to South Africa in December 2018.


Your most memorable match as a netball player:  Losing with a point (51-50) against Zimbabwe during the Pent Series in Windhoek in 2018. We fought hard and it was all teamwork.


Which teams did you play for before moving to Europe? I played for the Namibian Correctional Service, and also played for a local team called Truck Team.


Biggest influence on your career: Myself, because I have always believed in myself and still do.

How do you handle stress and pressure? Spending time in God’s presence; simply the best.


How did you start netball? I started playing netball at the age of eight and that was in 2003 when I was in grade 2 at the Michelle McLean Primary School. My netball coach came up to me and told me that
I should play netball because I was taller than my agemates. I continued playing netball and then also played hockey, but I excelled in netball, so I decided to stick to netball.


How long have you been playing for your current team, Harriers? It has been just a month, I should say. Before that, I played for Glasgow Saltires. I actually played only two games for them and then Covid took over.

You recently won the Scottish Cup with your team; how will you describe the feeling? 

Can’t really describe the feeling but I am grateful for everything, and for Netball Scotland who have welcomed me into their home. I was able to play with ease, which made me get the best out of myself in such a competitive league.


How is netball in Scotland compared to netball in Namibia? The game here (Scotland) is totally different, a bit tougher too, but I believe Namibia can get to this level soon if we keep on working harder.


What should be done locally to get more netball players abroad for international experience? Firstly, the country needs to improve on the world rankings and also try to get scholarships for players to study and play abroad. This will aid the nation in having quality netball players, who would represent the country at bigger stages such as the Netball World Cup. I believe we have good players back home, and they can do well if regular competitions are availed.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve gained from your fellow netball players? Anna Shipanga – this girl is everything. She always tells me to hold my head up high, and go for it because I can! Imelda Nerongo; she never stopped believing in me from day one, always pushing me to do better.


Is there a netball player that you look up to as a role model and why? Actually, it’s the African players playing in the United Kingdom Super League and Suncorp in Australia, because they actually work hard to be there. They had to leave their families behind in Africa to do what they love, in order for them to provide back home.


Why are you so passionate about netball? Netball has been my life; started playing it at the age of eight, and have never stopped.


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside sports? I love writing and cooking, depending on my mood.


If you could play another sport, what would it be? Hockey and volleyball.


Name one thing that you suck at: Singing and dancing.

2021-10-21  Maurice Kambukwe

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