• July 18th, 2019
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Phosphate products available again

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Feedmaster has announced that phosphate products have arrived in the country and the raw materials are available again. Phosphate is a macro element which is needed in grams per day by virtually all animals. This mineral is needed in a wide range of metabolic, neurological and cellular functions in the animal’s body. It also plays a role in activating various B vitamins, and with calcium it ensures the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Because the animals are on green pasture in an active growth phase, the energy metabolism of the animal increases and the need for phosphate is therefore higher than in the dry dormant season of natural pasture. With the positioning of Futterfos in the market, Feedmaster has therefore done everything in its power to obtain a monophosphate source with 23 percent phosphate which has the best digestibility rate. Feedmaster sees all stakeholders as partners in the industry hence their important role -with Feedmaster- in the economic progress of Namibian farmers because phosphate replenishment alone can already bring about 52 percent improvement in production. More information is available from Feedmaster nutritionists at 061-2901300 or by visiting their website at www.feedmaster.com.na. Farmers can also easily determine their Futterfos needs for the rainy season with the ‘Lick Intake Calculator’, Feedmaster’s cellphone application.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-30 09:52:02 1 years ago

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