• September 28th, 2020

Pirate taxis a headache for Windhoek

Collins Limbo

WINDHOEK - City police spokesperson sergeant Fabian Amukwelele has expressed concern over unregistered pirate taxis operating in the City with impunity stealing passengers and eroding the profits of registered taxis. Pirate taxis are also involved in criminal activities.

The City Police is well aware of the fact that a lot of these pirate taxis are operating on public roads with the intention of committing crimes, hence this has prompted the process of re-registering all public transport operating within the boundaries of Khomas region, with effect as from the 1 November 2019, he said
‘’Well, at this stage it is difficult to pin-point the exact year on which these crimes (involving pirate taxis) started increasing, however, for the past few years or let’s say stretching from 2016 up to date, we have registered a lot of cases involving public transport being used for criminal cases such as robbing students and being used as getaway vehicles during robberies. In most cases, some of these public transport drivers are either not having a registration certificate or transportation permit,’’ explained Amukwelele.

He stated that at present, there are no figures to show the number of cases reported involving pirate taxis, however, there are reports from those affected in this regard almost on a daily basis. 

“Unfortunately, we have not yet started quantifying the number of cases reported with regards to pirated taxis used in the commission of crime, however, almost every day a complainant is picked by our foot soldiers if not reported,’’ he said. 

‘’The perpetrators in these cases are mostly habitual offenders who are out on bail, or they are new kids on the block from other towns. Society in general suffers a heavy blow caused by this crime both socially and economically,” he further explained.

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2019-11-01 08:14:40 | 10 months ago

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