• April 22nd, 2019
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Ploughing subsidy still active in Omusati


Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva-Chairperson of the Omusati Regional Council, Modestus Amutse, has assured the region’s communal farmers that government’s ploughing and tractor subsidy would continue. Amutse said he was disappointed to learn that some agricultural officers in the region have been misleading the public, informing them that the subsidy would only be accorded to people with registered companies. He said the matter has since been resolved with the ministry, and appealed to the public to continue registering at the agriculture extension offices in their respective constituencies. The affected groups are those who avail tractors to be used by government as well as those who till crop fields for others through the government-subsidised ploughing scheme. “The (agriculture) ministry’s policy is clear, hence individual groups are exempted from providing company registration as was alleged in the false alert,” said Amutse in a telephonic interview. He said the officials had, until the ministry’s intervention, refused to accept payment vouchers from service providers, who rendered service to the community as of September. According to Amutse, the government’s aim in providing subsidies to the farmers is to empower the communities in order to grow the economy and address unemployment. “The idea behind the programme is to enhance food security and to provide an income for people who are eager to do something for themselves,” he further elaborated. Amutse said the subsidy programme has been effective, especially for individuals and groups that have been helping villagers to till their crop fields. “With the subsidy they get, they are able to send their children to school and sustain themselves and their families.”
New Era Reporter
2017-12-21 09:35:25 1 years ago

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