• July 12th, 2020

Pointe-Noire keen to explore business opportunities in Walvis

SWAKOPMUND - Walvis Bay and Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo are keen on exploring business and economic opportunities between the two cities.

 A delegation led by Kandjo Jean Francois, mayor and parliamentarian from Pointe-Noire, is currently on a four-day visit to Walvis Bay to strengthen existing relations and business and economic opportunities that could enhance mutual trade and investment.

The delegation will visit various businesses, including Namport, the salt refinery, fishing companies and various municipal projects.

Receiving the delegation yesterday the mayor of Walvis Bay, Immanuel Wilfred, said the two cities had signed an inter-municipal relationship agreement earlier.

“Namibia and Congo have a very long history and signing this agreement with Pointe-Noire will allow us to foster and strengthen our relationship further,” Wilfred said. 

He further explained that council, through these visits, is positive that investment opportunities would be created between the two cities.

“It is indeed important that good relations with various countries be established because often we share the same challenges, and sharing plans can accelerate growth and development in our respective countries,” he said.

He encouraged local businesses and organisations to start engaging with their Congolese counterparts to reap the necessary benefits. 

“After all, interacting and trading with others is one way of making this world a better place.”
Francois, on his part, said that his country is keen to import fish from Namibia and appealed to Namibian businesses to collaborate with them in terms of exporting timber from Congo.

“These are just some of the economic benefits that our countries can explore. We want to encourage Namibian businesses to visit our country and see how they can partner and create mutually economic benefits,” he said.

Eveline de Klerk
2019-10-10 07:09:12 | 9 months ago

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