• April 1st, 2020

Police chief praises electorate, parties for peaceful poll

Martha Gabriel

WINDHOEK - Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has expressed immense appreciation and gratitude for excellent conduct and safety during the recent Presidential and National Assembly elections and during the political campaigns and post polling.

Ndeitunga stated he appreciated all the police commanders, uniformed forces as well as all the stakeholders and partners for their tireless, professional and excellent conduct and maintenance of safety, law and order during the electoral processes.  

He also praised all political party leaders, the independent candidate and party members in various leadership positions for taking the responsibility to control and or guide their supporters to adhere to the election code of conduct guiding the election processes. 

He further extended appreciation to political party members, supporters, sympathizers and members of the public in general for upholding the rule of law and conducting themselves in a mature and civilized manner until the official announcement of the election results. 

He added that all the acts shown during the election process are signs of political maturity and respect of democratic values within society. 

‘’I am therefore urging members of the public to always emulate positive ethical behaviors and respect the rule of law as law abiding citizens,’’ stated the police chief.

He also expressed appreciation to all public members and electorates for casting their votes in a peaceful and orderly manner across the entire country. 

Namibia has set a benchmark in conducting elections, unlike in other African countries where pre and post electoral processes are usually characterized by violence even among the incumbent parties in their desperate strive to win votes at whatever cost.

Staff Reporter
2019-12-04 07:52:08 | 3 months ago

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