• August 7th, 2020

‘Police failed murdered woman’

Crime and Courts, Front Page News
Crime and Courts, Front Page News

Selma Ikela Windhoek - The Namibian Police came under the spotlight once again, after a woman who repeatedly reported death threats from her ex-lover was gunned down by the same man at her workplace yesterday. In fact, Alina Kahehongo, the slain 24-year-old International University of Management (IUM) student who was doing her internship at Louis Botha supermarket in Windhoek West, opened a case against her ex on Tuesday at Otjomuise police station. She was killed in full view of her colleagues yesterday morning, after ex-boyfriend Samuel Shali Nghihepa, a 28-year-old police officer showed up at the shop. Yesterday was the umpteenth time that Nghihepa, who hails from Oshipala village in Ohangwena Region, has showed up at the victim’s workplace – employees testified. On Friday, Kahehongo approached the police to alert them to the danger her life was exposed to at the hands of the ex-boyfriend, who did not seem to accept her decision to end their relationship. Specifically, she asked that the police confiscate his service pistol with which he consistently threatened her. After police failed to intervene, Kahehongo again visited the police station on Monday to ask the police for assistance as Nghihepa continued with his veiled threats. The next day, Tuesday, Kahehongo opened a case at Otjomuise police station against Nghihepa. No action was still taken against the police officer, who worked for the police’s Special Reserve Force. Yesterday, Nghihepa delivered on his promise after he showed up at the Windhoek West-based shop and killed his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun onto himself. He died instantly while Kahehongo died upon arrival at Katutura State Hospital minutes later. New Era learnt that Nghihepa had ended the relationship sometime back, and started a new relationship with another woman. Months later, he wanted to get back together with Kahehongo, who then refused to take him back. It was her refusal that irked Nghihepa, who then started threatening her. Police’s suspected sloppy work in the matter comes hot on the heels of a chilling incident where five people were massacred at Rundu recently after police ignored several pleas from the victims. After the Rundu incident, which was blamed on lack of transport, Police Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga lashed out at the force - and threatened to deal with lazy officers. Nghihepa, who lived at the police base at Shalom Centre behind Goreangab, reportedly showed up at the store yesterday morning around 08h00 and initially stood outside the shop as he was warned by shop owner to stay away after threatening the victim recently. Nghihepa scanned the environment and waited for the owner and another man to leave the shop before carrying out his cowardly act. According to an unnamed shop supervisor, Nghihepa came straight to the office asking her where Kahehongo was. The supervisor said Nghihepa had left Kahehongo sitting at the teller. “I said Alina is sitting at the teller and he said it’s not true. He pushed me, went back to Alina, and grabbed her into the office. He closed the door and from there I heard the sound of the gun and I ran outside,” narrated the shaken supervisor just after the incident. Asked why the police did not act on Kahehongo report, Khomas Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Silvanus Nghishidimbwa said a team has been sanctioned to look into why certain things were not acted upon. No stone would be left unturned, he said. Nghishidimbwa explained that there is a difference between a matter reported to the police and a case opened. He said that it might be that Kahehongo informed one of the police officers – which falls under reporting or she might have approached the police to state that she wanted to register a criminal case, which she might have done. “If she has given a report about what is happening between the two, it might be true. Was the case registered for investigation purposes - those are the things that we are trying to find out. Who were the police officers?” Shop owner Silvanus Hauwanga said about two weeks ago, Nghihepa came to the shop twice threatening the victim and he warned him to stay away. He said the second time when Nghihepa showed up at the shop, he grabbed the victim’s cellphone. Hauwanga added he lost a good person who added value to his business. “I don’t think I was going to let her go. I was going to appoint her permanently,” Hauwanga said of the slain intern.
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2018-07-26 09:23:52 | 2 years ago

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