• August 11th, 2020

Police officers’ gun possession need re-look

I think some police officers are not ready to execute their duties. Where must we run for help when there is a life-threatening situation? Mr [Sebastian] Ndeitunga, please we are tired of this violence against women. My suggestion is that we must realise that not every law enforcement officer deserves to carry a gun home or even when on duty. They need to be assessed and evaluated at least for four or five years before they qualify to be considered to carry weapons. This would help to test how long can they handle pressure. Our law is the main contributing factor to all these passion killings committed by our enforcement officers. What I’ve observed is that once these guys are done with their training it becomes automatically a requirement for them to carry a gun . The six-months training they get is not enough. Inspector-General Ndeitunga please give your personal contact number so that we immediately report these useless lazy police officers that are refusing to assist civilians. Faustinuos Wakudumo
New Era Reporter
2018-07-27 09:21:28 | 2 years ago

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