• July 18th, 2019
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Police warn against instant justice

Front Page News
Front Page News

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Namibian police discourages victims of crime from taking the law into their own hands when dealing with criminal suspects as they risk their own lives. Namibian police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi made this statement while responding to a recent incident where a businessman Kanu Amadhila is accused by a Windhoek parent of hitting and holding her son (21) at gunpoint after he unknowingly bought a stolen toy. The seller who is a suspect in the theft case allegedly repeatedly broke into Amadhila’s home and stole items while Amadhila was on holiday. The suspect allegedly stole computers, laptops, printers, watches, cosmetics, clothes, shoes amongst other items. “If there is any citizen arrest we want to encourage them (complainants) that as soon as the arrest is affected they should alert the police so that they take it up from there. We don’t condone individuals going from house to house in pursuit of suspect(s) because you don’t know in what condition you may find the suspect- what if they are armed- it can turn ugly,” stated Shikwambi. She discouraged complainants from judging and prosecuting suspect(s) and allow police to investigate and present a case to the PG who will decide whether to prosecute or not based on the evidence availed. Shikwambi stressed members of the public are not allowed to use firearms and can only use them for self-defence in the event of an unlawful attack. The young man’s mother alleges when the complainant showed up with the police at her house Amadhila took over the role of the police by doing the interrogation. The woman who prefers anonymity said her son bought a toy for N$$200 for his younger brother as a Christmas gift; but turned out it was among the stolen items from Amadhila’s residence. “We were at friend’s house down the road and on his bed was a toy Lamborghini and toy helicopter. He told us it was his birthday recently and got the toys for his birthday but he is not a kid anymore and didn’t want to play with the stuff. So and I made him an offer and bought one toy,” said the son. He added that his friend gave him a handwritten receipt with a local toy shop stamp on it. Amadhila and the city police officers showed up at the woman’s house in Dorado Park last week after the main suspect referred them there. However, the 21-year old man wasn’t home but Amadhila spotted the toy in the house and took it. The police and Amadhila further intercepted the man who was driving along the Western bypass returning home in the company of friends. When they were stopped, the man said Amadhila pointed a gun at him and his friends; slapped him while questioning him about the break-in. The young man was taken to the station by the police who took his statement and told him he would be a witness in the theft case, before releasing him. However, what angered the woman is the fact that Amadhila posted photos of her son and car on social media. She spoke of her disgruntlement to chief of City Police Abraham Kanime. “Are people allowed to take the law into their own hands? Kanu said if he ever sees my son he will shoot to kill. I live in Dorado Park, he lives in Acacia… are you going to tell me they are not going to cross (paths)?” As a result the woman opened three cases against Amadhila of defamation of character, assault through threatening and physical assault. She also laid a complaint against City Police. Kanime said if cases were opened they would be investigated. But responding to whether the complainant is allowed to take the role of the police, Kanime said the complainant could ask questions. “But other allegations of him hitting and holding other people at gunpoint are serious. If they opened a case that’s good. They should leave it in the hands of the police,” he stated. When approached for comment, Amadhila rudely answered, “I don’t have f*** time to waste. What about my stolen stuff?” before he cut the call.
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2018-01-18 09:07:47 1 years ago

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