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Pooling human energies with techno music tonight

2022-09-09  Maria Haipinge

Pooling human energies with techno music tonight

A one-of-a-kind techno, psychedelic, trance event with live painting, ultraviolet painting and a laser show is on the cards tonight at Windhoek’s HTS Bau. 

This event, dubbed ‘Centropy SpringBuzz, Volume 1’ is surely destined to fill the gap for mixed live art and techno music in Namibia.

Nduviro Kangueehi, who heads the marketing team of the event, describes the electronic music and arts festival as “a celebration of the weather change, of spring coming in, of different music and different sounds, a different genre and different space for people to enjoy, with a very deep influence of art and creativity as well”. 

The event will see local artist Nambowa Malua doing live painting, with music provided by DJ TRS, The Adventure Hippie, Namatanga Brothers, YD FRESH, Draadloos, Psymax and Time Lord.

After Malua’s painting session, the crowd will be allowed to interact with the painting, and also paint themselves.

“And throughout this entire process of creating, the art is centrally the décor of the party, and will be created by the people at the party,” explained Kangueehi.

“Essentially, it’s just freedom of expression that we’re trying to create in this place; a feeling of togetherness and adventure in a very controlled manner.” 

The organiser further said they are also trying to create a space for the genre to take off in Namibia as at the moment, it is only visible in clubs.

“We’re trying to push it more into the industrial warehouse areas, and that kind of event space.”

‘Centropy’ comes from the word ‘centration’, and in this context signifies a commingling by humans who share in a common endeavour. As such, the outgrowth of their interaction from their union may result in a new innovation, leading to the enhancement of human relationships.

The team behind the Centropy SpringBuzz are Jörn Lüsse, Yannick Bohn and Tiaan Strauss, who have been doing festivals at different farms for three to four years.

Kangueehi said they have done three-day festivals out of town, where people camp and experience music for an entire weekend. 

“So, we just decided to tone it down a level and bring it into town to see what the reaction is from people around.” 

Kangueehi, Strauss and Malua will be running more events in that same location in future under the name Creative Co.

The exact location is HTS Bau Industrial Park Unit 4B, along Iscor Street in the Northern Industrial area.

Entrance is N$50, and tickets will only be sold at the gate.

2022-09-09  Maria Haipinge

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