• September 23rd, 2020

Popya - Fatima Rhode joins the brewing industry

‘Miss Fabz Traditional Ginger Beer’ may seem like a regular ginger beer but it was brewed by logistics clerk and head chef, Fatima Rhode, who recently joined the brewing industry.
A few months ago, Rhode started making traditional ginger beer in the comfort of her home which is slowly becoming a local favourite drink around Windhoek.
Youth Corner caught up with the bubbly brewer who said the brewery industry is a huge market in the country and around the world, which she is proud to be part of.

“Being of Xhosa/Sotho background, ginger beer is something I grew up with. I used to watch my grandmother make it. Growing up I learned the top perfect art of craft brewing ginger. Also going into shops, I couldn’t find a ginger beer that was 100% natural. I started making my own and since my partner and children loved it so much, I decided to try it out on my family and friends. They were hooked from the start and my daughter Stacy and I decided to brand it and share our love for ginger with the country,” said Rhode when asked how her ginger beer business kicked off.
Rhode said the support she has been getting since the beginning of her business is incredible.  
‘Miss Fabz Traditional Ginger Beer’ is finely crafted from only 100% natural ingredients, which consist mostly of ginger roots, and freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar.

“We have noticed some other brands but what makes Miss Fabz Traditional Ginger Beer unique is the fact that it is made the old traditional way. It has that homely taste to it. The warm aroma of ginger filling the house and the excitement of having to wait for it to be just perfect,” she explained what makes her brand stand out.

Born and raised in Walvis Bay, Rhode has always had a dream of owning a brewery, which is currently a work in progress.
“I plan to one day have my small micro brewery – it is hard and tough but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the fun fact is, even though we are still just home-based we have managed to employ two ladies,” she added. 
Rhodes believes that a brewery contributes immensely to the country’s GDP and employment of people. On a regular week, Rhode said the brewing process takes about three to four days, depending on how long it takes for the ginger beer to mature, however, this winter was a little bit cold and the process was quite slow.

When the beer is brewed, Rhode and her workers take orders from the customers and advertise on their social media pages.
According to her, the stock finishes within a day or two after packaging. “I see myself having a small corner shop where people can walk in from all walks of life and enjoy our refreshing drink,” wishes Rhode, adding that plans of exporting and seeing ‘Miss Fabz Traditional Ginger Beer’ on the shelves of local retailers are in the pipeline.

Aletta Shikololo
2020-08-05 12:03:46 | 1 months ago

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