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POPYA: International award-winning speaker launches website

2020-09-30  Paheja Siririka

POPYA: International award-winning speaker launches website
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Paheja Siririka

International award-winning speaker, MC and youth leader Bertha Tobias (20) has said brand positioning is particularly important for young people because they are at the beginning of their professional journeys.

She said this to Youth Corner as she launched her website in the capital, further stating that it is important to start with strategic positioning sooner rather than later. 

“Our brands introduce us before we walk into rooms and, whether we like it or not, they lead us (or keep us out of) particular professional spaces,” said Tobias. She was exposed to speaking in public from the age of 14. “It was our first debate at school, which we did miserably until Clinton Muinjo, who has some faith in us, took us under his wing and gave debating tips,” she reminisced.

Apart from doing talks at #BeFree events, Tobias has been seen moderating talks at the Covid-19 communication centre. On reasons why specifically a website, Tobias highlighted that it is one of the most effective ways of providing a clear outline of one’s brand.  “While I am very young and still figuring out what my brand is, I do know that I have a lot to offer and I want to be able to communicate that. I think launching this website is a testament to the fact that we never really know for sure why we do what we do, but we know that it plays into a bigger goal,” highlighted Tobias.

For her, the bigger goal is positioning herself to serve as a beacon of hope to everyone who comes after her. “The website is not the achievement in itself, it’s just the starting point,” she ironed.
Tobias said: “The website is a form of centralising my work and creating a cohesive package for potential clients. It’s my way of honouring the work that I put out into the world and an important way of communicating that I take my work seriously and by extension, I take my clients/partners seriously.”
With much doubt in creating space to be criticised by the readers, she had doubts throughout the whole process of launching the website but it had to be done as she pushed to put herself out there and serve those who might need her speaking services.
“Initially, I was anxious and battling self-doubt because I wasn’t convinced that my professional foundation was strong enough to withstand all the public scrutiny that accompanies putting oneself out there so boldly. I felt the fear and uncertainty and decided to launch anyway. My conclusive and deciding thought was that time waits for nobody and that there would never be an objectively perfect time.”
Tobias is also the winner of the Go Make A Difference award, a grant scheme that financially supports the implementation of meaningful community development projects.

2020-09-30  Paheja Siririka

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